Monday, January 5, 2009

"India Time" continued


I am continuing to learn about the stretchability of time in India.  It is perfectly common for Professors to simply not show up to class.  It is also common to arrive in class on the first day to find that the schedule outside the department head's office does not match the schedule that you used to make up your own personal schedule.  Additionally, many students will show up on the first day, see the professor, and think they are safe.  Not so.  Often, the professor will say.  "Alright, I don't like the class times so much, so I think we're going to change them..."  Everything is chaos; no one knows what's going on.  I think I have a class schedule though.  I'll probably be taking yoga for credit, which leaves me with two SIP classes (classes designed for international students) which I was trying to avoid, but I guess I'll have to deal.  

Anyway, this morning was nice.  I jogged to the yoga center with two other people at around 6:30 this morning for a 7-8 session.  It was cool and breezy, and the Indian sunrise was beautiful.  Yoga (of course) started about half an hour late, but it was fun, and quite relaxing (though it would have been more relaxing if I hadn't been worried about being late to my 9 'o clock class).  Oh India.  Maybe this will be good for me.  I guess it could be a good exercise in patience, in relaxing and not being so uptight and OCD.  It's hard though, especially as classes have started, and professor-student relationships are very different from those at Haverford.  Oh well.  It'll take some adjustment.  Anyway, I gotsta go figure this mess out.  Talk to y'all later!  

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